Nobody wants another video editing software..

Neither did I. What I really wanted was a way to make quick video content without spending hours learning a tool & committing to it. The more I searched the more similar every software appeared to be. I started dreaming of a tool that was effortless & easy yet flexible & effective.

I built Prowd because I needed it. As an independent creator, I struggled to share my progress and promote my work with the world. If you have experienced these struggles of creating video content for your business, you will enjoy what Prowd aims to be.

When I decided to build Prowd, my primary focus was speed and simplicity. An ability to make videos in minutes and without any learning curve. As things evolve, I gain more clarity. However one thing is certain, Prowd will be a set of tools for different uses cases, as opposed to a massive feature-rich video software that may do more but at the cost of time and effort.

With this vision, Prowd is only getting started. I aim to release 4 more new video tools by the end of 2023.

Founder @ Prowd

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